Teaching is Learning in Public

Walker and I get a lot of feedback about the blog, both from your comments and from what you share with us in person or in other channels of communication. Know that this process has, for us, provided a way to connect in new and substantive ways with many more people. The writing, and then [...]

On the Glide Path (has videos)

Definitely off any plateau that I thought myself to be on. "Reality does NOT take breaks!" This feels more like a glide path: I experience an inexorable loss of capacity, with some small short term dips along the way: these are the pains and odd symptoms that just have to be endured: constant exhaustion and [...]

Relaxation Practice

Here’s a video of my six-year-old grandson Max, teaching a relaxation practice. It is cute, for sure. And, think about it. If you know me, you understand I’m not one to impose unending home videos to boast about cute my grandchildren are. Seriously, if every six year old on the planet knew how to do [...]