The Wake


His last words
a welcoming of love
to his yet born grandchild.

Two souls
Their shared DNA
a thread of tapestry
passing through the worlds

His leaving
though known,
still surprised us.
Is one ever ready
for such a loss?

Gently his family gathered
anointing his body
with lavendaer oil
and words of farewell

In quiet we circle his body
This friend, father and husband
“We are washing your body”
we say in hushed voices
so his lingering consciousness
could know the sweetness of our intent

We dressed him in a respectable shirt
and for a dash of irreverence
satin boxers with flames.
Lovingly tucked in with
hand quilt made of love.

For three days, they came to our door
sadness and tears
wearing their faces
carrying gifts of comfort.

Sitting with Doug
a sense of peace
eased them.

Even in his death
there was a presence of love.

Messages of love and farewell
written on his box
Soon to become a
chariot of fire.

IMG_4450.jpegOur final words of farewell
as you enter the fire..


11 thoughts on “The Wake

  1. Thank YOU for sharing your soul, Walker. This is simply elegant and once again, you have both filled your roles as way showers. Living and Dying become the same thing. Peace. Precious Peace.


  2. I am reduced to the happiest of tears by this poem and this sharing … shew, the love legacy of Doug goes on and on … somehow something is so deeply right with the world because of him and because of you all and because of how love has her way with us .. love Debra



  3. Dear Walker,
    Yes. You and Doug carry on as teachers for us.
    I love you and look forward to continuing to share life and death experiences with you.


  4. Thank you, dear Walker, for sharing these words, these laser lines into a life lived and left so well. Holding you in the silent moments when emptiness looms. It may seem a foe at first, but enter, enter, and allness surrounds.


  5. Walker, My heart is with you and your family and loved ones. So sorry I couldn’t be there in person. His legacy is long…


  6. Thanks you so much, Walker, for sharing these words of such beauty and wisdom, even as you journey through your own transitions. You and Doug have gifted all of us with such a beautiful model for embracing the end of life and the universal connection that we all share. May you be blessed with peace and wonder and all the love in the world.


  7. Again – slightly changed. Walker and Doug weaving this beauty Path. It goes on in Beauty surrounding us all.

    As young ones we are full of slim, sparkle, colorful filaments weaving loosely, looping back, flitting out, back to start, then out on the wind. Woven in, parents hands and hearts, place of birth, stream with frog call, sugar maple, tumbled rock, ocean wave, butterfly, fields of berries, sky of stars, then off again loose and free – bright and full.
    Cords thicken with school and friends, pets and lovers, partners, children. Textures of new places, kindred and foreign, trials, insights, longing and losses, stiff metallic shine, family crest and tartan, weave in. Patterns of workplace, knots snarls and snags a part of the weave condensing to layers of patina and velvety depth.
    Fabric now fraying with comfort, worn to thin, holes, holy, whisper of a weave still there – palpable, sliding, silken, web-like, rustle of dry leaves.
    Everything shimmering of love now. These old ribbons weaving light trails of gratitude. Colors once strong and opaque, now pastel and muted. Translucent to transparent – and in the last breath,
    a moment of stillness.
    Then just the faintest smell of lavender.
    The cool freshness of a late afternoon breeze.
    a bird song high up in the branch.
    Awareness so subtle
    The path left by a bee…
    In the tapestry of field
    light weaving into sparkling light.


  8. Dear Walker,

    Brenda and I are deeply touched by Doug’s last moments with his beloveds. We have been holding you both in our meditations and continue to send our love to you.

    With deep appreciation for the generosity of sharing you both have shown throughout this experience and with much love,




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