Relaxation Practice

Here’s a video of my six-year-old grandson Max, teaching a relaxation practice.

It is cute, for sure. And, think about it. If you know me, you understand I’m not one to impose unending home videos to boast about cute my grandchildren are.

Seriously, if every six year old on the planet knew how to do this, future grownups would also know this. And the world would be a better place.


27 thoughts on “Relaxation Practice

  1. We in the UK have just gone through watching a penalty shoot out in England against Columbia. We have never won a penalty shoot out in a world cup Football (soccer) competition. Finally we put that ghost to bed by winning. Many of us could have done with Max’s support during the tense moments 🙂


  2. What an absolute sweetheart! He can be my yoga teacher any time. I wonder what gave him the idea to do this and to come up with those sweet “steps.“ His breathing demo was fabulous. Go, Max!


  3. Bless Max! May he remember this all his days and share it widely among all he meets!!! We all need to relax and will need this in the days and years to come.

    Thanks Doug, thanks Walker for your amazing progeny 😀


  4. Oh, that is soo cute, Doug! I agree, the world woould be a better place if every six year old knew how to do this.

    I read every post you and Walker put out, and admire your writing, your courage and your heart as you go through this process, sharing it with us.

    Sending love from the Rockies, CJ

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  5. This makes me worry less about the world I’ve been worrying about so much lately. Makes me feel like our children will teach us well. Thank you for sharing (this and everything). Much love to you and Walker and your family.


  6. OMG Doug and Walker, Max is so genuine and heartfelt … and what presence as we observe him moving past his initial anxiety.. He must have had an amazing teacher or two somewhere along the way, just guessing! :).

    Made my day, thanks, Laurie


  7. What a wonderful teaching! Well done, Max!! I shared it with my 13 year old gs and plan to show it to the others ( 6 year old twins and 8 year old).
    Thanks for posting this, Doug! It’s very special.
    Love to you and Walker.


  8. Love this! Great example of life living through Max (and your legacy…) sending love and thank you for sharing!


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