A Cornucopia of Creativity in the Midst of Loss

Our “bejeweled palace in the sky” has become a cornucopia of creativity. For starters, the covered porch on the back, where we spend so much time watching birds, is our outdoor living space. When Bebe and Richard were here a couple of weeks ago, Richard hung up prayer flags around three sides of what we [...]

Off the Plateau…

Just a quick update on my health situation… I am in good spirits, and I cry at the sunset as well as during difficult moments. Those who know me know that crying is pretty close to the surface. As Walker notices, I am pretty transparent and open to the world; I am truly enjoying watching [...]

A Gift of Poetry

I love my father. Oh, I know. That’s like Mom and apple pie… most of us can find something to love about our fathers, even those who were absent or jerks. We are supposed to love our parents and our kids... it comes with the territory. This is different. Bob is my best friend. It wasn’t [...]