The Turning of the Wheel

A long time since we posted. It has been an eventful couple of weeks on the medical front, and it’s hard to write about, hard to separate out what’s news, what’s overwhelm, what’s complexity. It’s hard to live another alternate universe, one in which I not only have cancer, but the cancer appears to be [...]


Today is a day my heart feels so tender.  I find myself weeping at the slightest notion.   Doug and I went to the river at Bend of Ivy a couple of weeks ago. As we walked memories came along to join us…Native American ceremonies…fields of flowers where weddings happened. The places where our now [...]

“I’m Not Dying”

I had a sweet conversation with my younger grandson, Max, on Christmas Day. He came up to me with a small electronic device, turned off, and asked me if I wanted to see a relaxation video. I said, of course, “Sure, Max!” He pretended to search on the inert device, set it on my lap, [...]