Treatment Started

First, Happy Thanksgiving! The events of the past few days have illuminated many opportunities for gratitude: my loving family who are doing so much, the docs and nurses at Duke, the techs like Ricardo and Whitney who came in on Thanksgiving morning to irradiate the tumors in my spine, Annie and Tim for taking care [...]

Nine Panes Practice Lab  

I am, among many other things, a teacher. It’s what I love to do, and my identity and role as teacher has evolved through years of working with other humans in many different environments. The conditions of this cancer are stripping away a lot for us. Walker and I are both raw and tender. We [...]

An Emerging Treatment Plan

OK! We are back from Duke. We have been immersed in the medical vortex for two days. Now, it's Saturday, and things seem disarmingly normal at home. Dogs, mail, email, birds outside the window. From this perspective, it's really tempting to go on a rant about the inefficiencies of the modern medical machine, about how [...]