This blog is a way for us to share updates and reflections on our current health crisis (Doug’s Oct. 6 diagnosis of stage 4 cancer) which follows on our experiences with Walker’s 8-year-and-counting journey with MDDS. We have learned much about supporting each other through her health challenges, about faith and endurance and acceptance and staying in the present rather than investing in stories about terrible futures.

Still, we are reeling. We are working to accept this new reality, and allowing any and all emotions to be a part of it. We are learning to navigate the uncertainty and countless choices that lie ahead. And, we are seeking to make meaning of this new condition in our lives. We are practicing how to really listen to what matters to us and how to live as fully as possible with the time we have. A time-worn question, of course, made more immediate and intensely pragmatic by this new reality.

Cancer is not what we thought life would bring us, but it is what has come. We are surrounded by the love of many, have great medical resources, and the ground of years of spiritual practice. We consider ourselves blessed and well-resourced.

We don’t yet know how we will use this blog platform, but the email list that started as updates to family and friends has quickly become unwieldy as the number of people who want to be kept informed, to offer help, or to be a part of this in some way has grown. We imagine that it will become a way to foster community around us, and we hope that it will provide inspiration to all who join in the conversation, or simply stop by to read. We hope that people will comment, share their experiences and thoughts, and participate here, and that our email conversations might be simplified as a result.

We imagine that some posts may be dry medical updates, some may be reflections, and others…. well, who knows? We are simply asking, every minute of every day, What’s Next? Right now, this seems to be what’s next. Thanks for being here with us.

We are nourished by conversations. Please leave your comments here for us and for others to enjoy. There’s a comment field below each post.

Walker and Doug

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